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The train set is usually the first step into the model railway world, but where do you go for the second step? Hopefully the tips and hints below will help someone make the right step. It draws upon the knowledge and experiences of our club members and other sources.
Baseboard section
Trackwork section
Power section
The baseboard is the foundation of your layout. Get it wrong and you may have to scrap your whole layout at a later date. The track is fundamental to a layout operating well and realistically. It is hard to alter track once it is in place, so get it right first time. Electrification of a layout can put people off, but follow a few simple rules and even the beginner can sit back and enjoy his layout operating.
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Gives a look at N gauge compared to other gauges. How to transfer other plans down to N gauge.
A look at the different types of model railways in their basic form, as well as introducing different ideas to base it on.
How to go about putting this information into a track plan and the different varieties of tools a modeller can use.
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