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Builder :
General Electric
Electricity :
Length :
73' 2"
Width :
10' 3"
Height :
15' 5"
Weight :
210 tons
Cylinders :
Wheel Diam :
Fuel Tank :
5000 gal
Max Speed :
74 mph
Horsepower :
4400 hp

General Electric assigned the DASH 9 product name to its latest, and possibly last, DC traction locomotive. The DASH 9 designation reflected a number of evolutionary improvements that GE had implemened as standard features on its DC locomotive lines.

The DASH 9 expanded on DASH 8 technology to provide a more capable locomotive with lower life cycle costs. Among the improvements were electronic fuel injection and split cooling, both of which had been tested on late-era Dash 8's. GE also debuted a new and distinctive-looking high-adhesion truck to improve tractive effort. Other nominal improvements included a modified step and handrail arrangement for increased crew safety and comfort.

In the first half of 1994, Chigaco & North Western, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific and Santa Fe all purchased the new DASH 9-44CW. CSX acquired a hybrid set, these straddled the DASH 8/DASH 9 production period and featured characteristics of both models but since they did not ride on new high-adhesion trucks they are not considered true DASH 9's

Although GE introduced its AC traction line just a year after the DASH 9, the line did not supersede the market for traditional DC locomotives. Several railroads, such as BNSF and Norfolk Southern prefer DASH 9s to GE AC models. What maybe confusing to the casual observer are the external similarities between GE's DASH 9 and AC4400CW lines. In nearly all respects, despite the obvious traction differents, they have nearly the same external appearance. The best tip-off for the DASH 9 is the smaller box behind the cab on the righthand side, when viewed head-on, as the locomotive has no AC inverters.