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Builder :
General Motors Electro-Motive Division
Electricity :
Length :
80' 2"
Width :
10' 3 1/8"
Height :
15' 9"
Weight :
210 tons
Cylinders :
Wheel Diam :
Fuel Tank :
5800 gal
Max Speed :
75 mph
Horsepower :

In the larger scheme of loco history, this loco is an anomaly in modern locomotive practice. The type was neither especially numerous nor did it make a significant influence on further development. However, the SD80MAC is a distinctive type that generated considerable interest when it was new.

In 1995, on the heels of Burlington Northern large order for SD70MACs, Conrail ordered a small fleet of similar AC locomotives from EMD. Instead of the common 16-cylinder 710G engine, the prime mover used by many modern EMD locomotives, the SD80MAC employs a 20-cylinder 710. Although there was no railway precedent for this big engine, the 20-cylinder 710G was not unknown and had been employed in marine applications.

This larger engine produced 20% more power than the 16-cylinder 710G, allowing EMD to build a 5,000 hp locomotive - the most powerful of any on the market at the time. EMD built 28 SD80MACs for Conrail between 1995 and 1996. Conrail later acquired two SD80MAC demos, bringing their fleet to 30. These were by far the largest and most powerful locomotives to serve the railroad.