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We grew out of the 'N Gauge Society', the initial group was formed in 1990 and was centered around Worcester, but also had members in Redditch, Pershore and surrounding areas, but as time commenced so the group developed, with members now across the United Kingdom.

The group started its history with the NMRA a few years back with Richard becoming a member but it was not until the Swindon Convention in 2005 that a few more of us joined . Following the interest into our group from show organisers and event holders we have now become more involved. Our group was never large but can now number into the 20's, but has always had a good core of modellers with varied interests. The area groups activities have flourished particularly since we started the oNeTrak modules, which has enabled us to build a group layout whilst still keeping our individual styles. We have members with a varying range of modeling experience and interests. The layouts being built vary from Steam era to Modern, Swiss to British to American, Modular, Fixed and Exhibitable.

The group usually meets at least once a month, usually at a show or we also use a village hall for when we need to test our modular layouts or to hold our 'meet days.' Other guests are welcome to attend, so if you would like to come along contact Sandy or myself (via the e-mail button on the left), you will be made very welcome - Gavin Fry.

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Sandy SaundersSandy Saunders

Like most people, my introduction to Railway modeling came in the form of a Christmas present of a train set. This interest lapsed in the usual way, being replaced by wine, women and song and 25 years service in the Royal Navy.

I left the RN in 1994, to work for Railtrack. There wasn't a local N Gauge area group, so I took it upon myself to start the Worcestershire Area Group. My prototype interests have varied over the years, starting with GWR steam, then modern image BR.

I am now concentrating on a pre-grouping Welsh layout in the loft and Chessie System (USA) 1973-1986 for the oNeTrak modules.

Gavin FryGavin Fry

Born and brought up overlooking Weymouth Signal Box, this fueled my interests in trains and then in modeling, moved to the Worcester area around 1982.

Joined the railway industry as a signalman in 1991 and am still involved in the pulling of levers today. I am at present planning a new layout for home for my American stock to run on.

I am part owner of the Sussex Border layout, also heavily involved in the modular system and also do the role of Exhibitions manager for our layouts and Web master for this website for the group. You may also see me around doing 'Decoder Pro' clinics etc.

Group DCC Wizard

David MatthewsDavid Matthews

My interest started with a Trix Twin set with automatic uncoupling and watching the shunting in the local hump yard.

Later in life and with less space I started again with N gauge British Minitrix. The computer age and an interest in automation through computer master control prompted a shift to OO (the chips were too large for N) and the revolutionary Hornby Zero-One System. But another restriction in space led me to dig out the N gauge stock and revert to the electronically simpler (but with much more complex wiring) automatic block control with four aspect signalling.

Moving to Worcester prompted a fresh start with DCC N gauge and I was delighted to learn of the Worcester group running DCC N gauge North American modules. So I am now catching up with the US prototype – particularly the regional Providence and Worcester Railroad – and I still have an interest in automation and signalling.

Neil StewartNeil Stewart

Bio n/a yet.


Rod Welch

I have been fascinated with American trains since I was very young. In the '50s I wanted a Triang transcontinental set but I had a deprived childhood and had to make do with a pre war Hornby O gauge SNCF set. I built my first N scale layout in the early 1970s, switching to HO about the time I joined the NMRA.

Having dabbled with various railroads, the Pennsy, NYC, UP and B&O, I alighted on the Santa Fe in 1980 and have modelled it on several layouts in various houses ever since. My current home layout is HO, wired for both DC & DCC. The lower half now depicts the Cote D'Azur in South East France set in the late 60s, whilst the upper (branch line) level is still firmly fixed in Arizona some 60 miles north of Phoenix, time frame some ten years earlier.

I was tempted back into N some ten years ago by the Worcs N scale group and have built some 10 modules to meet Snake Bend standards. I founded the Cider Belt (as it was spelt then) American modelling group in 1974 and am the current NMRA contact man for what has since become a geographical area of several American modeling groups.

Married to Jackie, with two sons and four granddaughters (one who like Thomas the Tank). My other interests are travel/photography, video, and music. I have sung played piano and guitar in various forms since the 1950s. Currently playing in the Chepstow Community Big Band.


Wes BinghamWes Bingham

I joined Snake Bend RR in June of 2014 after my wife persuaded me to take up an invite from Baz one of the old timers that was back in Feb of the same year. Sorry Baz didn't mean for it to sound like that.

That was the start, I had never seen American locos before so I looked up some on the internet and found YouTube which showed me some video of the Union Pacific Railroad Co. I was hooked. Large yellow and red Locos with big shield on the side and now some of the locos have a large US flags on their sides.

I looked at some others companies but I was smitten with the Union Pacific Railroad Co that was the one for me. I quickly got to work and built four 4 x 1ft modules with 3 tracks on each and some turnouts. It's a double track with a passing loop 16 ft long. It's now grown to 24' long and 2' deep.

I'm now trying to build the sidings for it with two container cranes and a warehouse it will take a little while. I've also built a module with a wooden trestle bridge with a gantlet track on it.


Keith RaynerKeith Rayner

Bio n/a yet.

Adrian WoodAdrian Wood

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Keith RaynerMike Hardy

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Jon BealesJon Beales

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Keith RaynerOmar Pemberton

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Keith RaynerPaul Harris

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Keith RaynerStephen Quick

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Keith RaynerSteve Dennison

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